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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Escat, Gene Inactive 6 ft 4 in 190 lb Right Right
14 Escat, Gene Inactive RHP Fresno State University 6 ft 3 in 180 lb Right Right
41 Eshleman, Paul Inactive C University of Oregon 6 ft 5 in 220 lb Right Right
Eskra, Scott Inactive
Ethel, Bobby Inactive 6 ft 1 in 185 lb Right Right
Ethel, J.J. Inactive 6 ft 2 in 180 lb Right Right
Evan, Reilly Inactive
Evans, Brandon Inactive
Evans, Dan Inactive
Evenhus, Jason Inactive
Evert, Kevin Inactive
Fabela , Mark Inactive
Fachet, Brian Inactive
Fagundes, Manuel Inactive
Falco, Chris Inactive
Fanconi, Jason Inactive
Farmer, Scott Inactive
Feist, Ken Inactive
Felicione, Tony Inactive
Fender, Jonathan Inactive
Fenske, Max Inactive 6 ft 4 in 205 lb
Ferguson, Lee "Lefty" Inactive
Ferres, David Inactive
Ferroni, Frank Inactive
Fetterhoff, Scott Inactive
Figone, Al Inactive
Filkins, Dennis Inactive
Filkins, Dennis Inactive
Fimple, John "Jack" Inactive
Fish, Steve Inactive
Fishel, John Inactive
Fisher, Greg Inactive 5 ft 1 in 180 lb Left Left
Fiskness, Jack Inactive
Fitzgerald, Dennis Inactive
Fitzpatrick, Will Inactive
Fleming, Travis Inactive
Floyd, Stromme Inactive
Fobbs, Larry Inactive
Folster, Mike Inactive
Foreman, Toby Inactive
Foster , Mike Inactive
Fowler, David Inactive
Foxman, Eric Inactive
Franklin, Corky Inactive
Freeberag, Bruce Inactive
Freshette, Rbt. Lee Inactive
Friend, Matt Inactive
Frisella, Dan Inactive
Frye, Frank Inactive
Fuller, Aaron Inactive