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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Detwiler, Steve Inactive 6 ft 0 in 190 lb Right Right
Devoy, Kelly Inactive
DeYoung, Rob Inactive
Diaz, Rudy Inactive
Dick , Burt Inactive
Dick , Morgan Inactive
Dickey, Warren Inactive
Dickinson, Jay Inactive
Dickinson, Ramy Inactive
Dingeman, Derrick Inactive 6 ft 0 in 165 lb Right Right
9 Dingeman, Derrick Inactive RHP Cal State Fullerton 6 ft 0 in 165 lb Right Right
Dittmann, Chris Inactive 6 ft 4 in 225 lb Right Right
Dixon, Tim Inactive
Diz, Richert Inactive
Dodd , Tom Inactive
Doig, Bobby Inactive
Domschot, Jim Inactive
Donalaya, Jean Inactive
Donlin, Sean Inactive
Donnan, Dave Inactive
Doug, Davidson Inactive
Draxton, Eric Inactive 6 ft 5 in 192 lb Right Right
Dreier, Eric Inactive
Dryden, Tim Inactive
Duke, Dan Inactive
Duke, Richard Inactive
Duke, Richard Inactive
Dukes, Kevin Inactive
Dumont, Jim Inactive
Dunaway, Ken Inactive
Dunbar, Sean Inactive
Duncan, Brad Inactive
Duncan, Gil Inactive
Duncan, Willie Inactive
Dunning, Kyle Inactive
Durmanich, John (JJ) Inactive
Dyer, Paul Inactive
Eatinger, Mike Inactive
Echeverria, Phil Inactive
18 Ecklund, Bryndon Inactive OF Seattle University 6 ft 3 in 205 lb Right Right
Edens, Tom Inactive
Edler, Dusty Inactive
15 Edman, Cameron Inactive IF Gonzaga University 6 ft 2 in 200 lb Right Right
Eiler, Byron Inactive
Eiler, Dale Inactive
Eilers, Inactive
Eldridge, Hunt "Red" Inactive
Elec, Matson Inactive
Elliott, Chad Inactive
Enos, Dave Inactive