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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Bair, Donnie Inactive
Bakke, Randy Inactive
Ball, Mike Inactive
Banducci, Brandon Inactive
Barbara, Dan Inactive
Barbe, Willie Inactive
Barnes, Craig Inactive
Barnes, Lute Inactive
4 Barnes, Ryan Inactive UTL Oregon State University 6 ft 0 in 185 lb Right Right
Baron, Sean Inactive
Barranco, Vince Inactive
Barreto, Brian Inactive
Bartell, Mike Inactive
Barton, Brian Inactive
Bates, Kirk Inactive
Bateson, Mark Inactive
Bathe, Bob Inactive
Bayardi, Brandon Inactive 6 ft 2 in 210 lb Right Right
Beamesderfer, Kurt Inactive
Beard, Jeremy Inactive
Beauchamp, Charlie Inactive
Beauchemin, Jon Inactive
Beck, Gil Inactive
Beetham, Brett Inactive
Bell, Inactive
Ben, Henke Inactive
Benedict, Bruce Inactive
Benjamin, Loren Inactive
Bennett, Jim Inactive
Bennett, Steve Inactive
Bennion, Jason Inactive
Berry, John Inactive
Bert, Dollar Inactive
Bert, Holt Inactive
Beshears, Scott Inactive
Bess, Eric Inactive
Beyers, Tom Inactive
Bianchi, Mingo Inactive
Bianchina, Rick Inactive
Bills, David Inactive
Biondini, Dale Inactive
Birklund, Jeff Inactive
Blackhurst, Tony Inactive
Blaine, Tom Inactive
Blanchet, Abelardo Active IF Cal State Northridge 6 ft 1 in 210 lb Left Right
Blanchet, Abelardo Active IF Cal State Northridge 6 ft 1 in 210 lb Left Right
Blankenship, Don Inactive
Blankenship, Jeff Inactive
Blauser, Brian Inactive
Bloom, Ken Inactive