Group Sales

Below you will find the schedule for group tickets and picnics.  

Please select a date that does not have a group scheduled in order to make a request for group tickets or a reservation for the picnic area.  If you would like to have a group ticket purchase and request the picnic area, please make sure it is a date that has both areas open.  

Use our Special Events Request Form to request a date or more information. Reservations are final when they appear on the schedule below. 


Date Opponent Group Tickets Picnic
Saturday, June 4th Fairfield Indians – 12:30 & 7:00 PM Unavailable Unavailable
Sunday, June 5th Fairfield Indians – 12:30 PM Sunrise Rotary Sunrise Rotary 
Wednesday, June 8th Humboldt Steelheads – 7:00 PM    
Friday, June 10th Fontanetti Athletics – 7:00 PM Learn to Earn (Umpqua)  AVFD
Saturday, June 11th Fontanetti Athletics – 7:00 PM    
Sunday, June 12th Fontanetti Athletics – 12:30 PM    
Wednesday, June 15th Sonoma Seals – 5:30 PM (DH) Cleats for Kids   
Friday, June 17th Neptune Beach Pearls – 7:00 PM Hum. Builders Exchange  
Saturday, June 18th Neptune Beach Pearls – 7:00 PM    
Sunday, June 19th Neptune Beach Pearls – 12:30 PM     
Tuesday, June 21st S. Oregon Riverdawgs – 7:00 PM    
Wednesday, June 22nd S. Oregon Riverdawgs – 5:30 PM (DH) 5:     
Friday, June 24th Redding Colt 45's – 7:00 PM     
Saturday, June 25th Redding Colt 45's – 7:00 PM      
Sunday, June 26th Redding Colt 45's – 12:30 PM    
Wednesday, June 29th Menlo Park Legends – 5:30 PM (DH)     
Friday, July 1st California Seals – 7:00 PM     
Saturday, July 2nd California Seals – 5:30 PM (DH)    
Sunday, July 3rd Santa Rosa Gnats – 12:30 PM    
Monday July 4th Sonoma Grape Crushers – 12:30 PM  Unavailable  Unavailable 
Tuesday, July 5th Atwater Aviators – 7:00 PM     
Wednesday, July 6th  Atwater Aviators – 5:30 PM (DH)    
Friday, July 8th California Glory – 7:00 PM    
Saturday, July 9th California Glory – 7:00 PM     
Sunday, July 10th California Glory – 12:30 PM     
Wednesday, July 13th NorCal Pirates – 5:30 PM (DH) AWAY  AWAY
Thursday, July 14th NorCal Pirates – 12:30 PM  AWAY AWAY
Friday, July 15th S. Oregon Riverdawgs – 7:00 PM  AWAY  AWAY
Saturday, July 16th S. Oregon Riverdawgs – 5:30 PM (DH) AWAY  AWAY
Tuesday, July 19th Fresno Cardinals – 7:00 PM     
Wednesday, July 20th Fresno Cardinals – 5:30 PM (DH)    
Friday, July 22nd Reno Aces – 7:00 PM     
Saturday, July 23rd Reno Aces – 5:30 PM (DH)    
Sunday, July 25th Humboldt Steelheads – 12:30 PM      
Wednesday, July 27th Solano Mudcats – 5:30 PM (DH)     
Friday, July 29th Redding Colt 45's – 7:00 PM  AWAY AWAY
Saturday, July 30th  Redding Colt 45's – 7:00 PM  AWAY AWAY
Sunday, July 31st Redding Colt 45's – 7:00 PM  AWAY AWAT
Thursday, Aug. 4th League Playoff – TBA    
Friday, Aug. 5th League Playoff – TBA     
Saturday, Aug. 6th League Playoff – TBA    
Sunday, Aug. 7th League Playoff – TBA    


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