Launch Date: May 26

Current Status Item 1: Found under a bench at the Perigot Park softball field in Blue Lake

Current Status Item 2: Found beneath an old train trestle at the Arcata Marsh


Clue #2:

Just one more prize left
Now that one has been found
This field that i’m watching
Doesn’t have a mound

It’s a cute little town
A few degrees hotter
Than most of Humboldt
Here away from the water 

But the funniest thing
Is the name of this city
It doesn’t ring true
But the place sure is pretty

Photo 2a:

Photo #2b:


Clue #1:

When one becomes two
It’s a beautiful thing
A fifth golden ticket
Thrown into the ring

The third prize was found
Before I got my chance
To write cryptic rhymes
It was just happenstance

My backers decided
That we really need
An extra prize coupon
That’s what they decreed

So now the plot thickens
As the season draws near
Where are those two coupons?
I don’t see them here

From one of the spots
I had a nice view
Of a couple of ball fields
And a row of trees too

The other location
Is closer to home
But nevertheless
I’ve got room to roam

I walk down these paths
As birds fly to and fro
The sun sets o’er the bay
Putting on quite a show

Photo #1a:

Photo #1b:

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