Crabs Q & A
By Kylee Chandler, Special Events Coordinator

#13 Andrew Ayers
Coach, Sacramento State, Former Minor Leaguer

You’ve come full circle with the Crabs, you grew up watching them, played for them and now you’re coaching, what has that been like?
It feels good to back! Back with the Crabs, the band and all the good fans. It’s a little different seeing it from the coaching side but it’s exciting to be a part of the Crabs.

Being a coach for the Crabs, what are your main roles?
I’m in charge of the hitters and I oversee the infielders and outfielders and I coach first base.

You were drafted and spent some time in the minor leagues, what advice would you give to players wanting to peruse a career in professional athletics?
Follow you dreams, anything can happen. It doesn’t matter your size: how big or how small you are, play the game hard and good things will happen. Nothing is impossible.

After Crabs season is over, what’s next for you?
The plan right now is to go to Sacramento State and be the baseball operations person as part of the coaching staff there.

Do you have any interesting talents or hobbies?
Right now it’s racquetball with other assistant coach, David Flores, we get after it. 

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