Crabs Q & A
By Kylee Chandler/Special Events Coordinator

South Mountain Community College

This is your second year playing for the Crabs, why did you come back?
I really loved it up here the first time, I had such a great experience with the players and the fans, so I thought it would be great to come play again and get better.

Last year when you played for the Crabs you were going to school and playing baseball at Dartmouth and this past year you were at South Mountain Community College, why did you transfer schools?
Dartmouth wasn’t a great fit for me. Baseball was going fine but everything else was a bit of a struggle so I decided that I needed to change things up. I was pretty happy this last semester so hopefully that keeps going for the next year.

On your off days what do you do?
I go to the gym, play lots of video games, other than that maybe go to the river or beach but that’s about it.

Do you have any interesting talents or hobbies?
I don’t know if they’re interesting, video games again, that’s what I love doing and watching college football, those are my favorite things to do.

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