Crabs Q & A
By Kylee Chandler/Special Events Coordinator

First Base
Sonoma State

What is your favorite part about being a Humboldt Crab?
Listening to the fans every night, playing under the lights and playing for a team with such a great history and standards.

You just got back from the one and only road trip, what are your thoughts on traveling?
It was good to get away for a week but I’d rather play every game as a home game. Here in Arcata the fans and crowd are better and it’s an overall better experience, I like playing up here.

After summer is over, what’s next for you?
Back to school for my senior year and playing baseball at Sonoma State; that’s my plan.

What are you going to miss most about the Crabs when it’s over?
I’m going to miss everything about it, but I’m going to be back next summer! That is, if they invite me again, I’ll be back!

What’s the deal with your socks, you don’t wear the navy ones that are given to you, instead you wear socks with stars?
It’s swag. The only reason I wear them is because I like the way they look, look good, feel good, play good.



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