1) What are you doing now career wise?

I am currently the infield and hitting coach at Chabot Junior College. We are currently having a great season, with a 20-6 record.

2) What is your baseball academy all about? How did you and Andrew Alvarado partner up and what's your mission with the Academy?

We partnered up for the academy to provide camps and clinics to kids in our area who cannot afford the fees for most other camps. We want to keep generating interest in baseball in our community. Our camps are normally free and provide a lot of fun and baseball education for the kids. Baseball never used to be an expensive sport to play but in todays world it can be very pricey. We’re doing our best to provide top-notch instruction for little to no money. The academy is going strong and growing every year.

3) What are some of your fondest memories from your playing days? With the Sacramento State Hornets, with the minor league team, with the Astros? Do you have any sports celebrity moments from your days in Texas?

Best time of my life was being a Hornet. I'm so grateful John Smith gave me an opportunity to play at Sac State. It’s hard to narrow down certain moments during my time in sac because the four years I was there were amazing. I would have to say traveling with the guys to different stadiums was the best part of it all. I never played on the big-league team but my favorite memory of playing pro ball was competing against all the super stars that are in the Major Leagues. I will never forget playing against the Trouts, Poseys, Bumgarners of the world. Playing pro ball was such a blessing and I enjoyed every second of it.

4) Will we be meeting your family this summer? How has the support from Mom and Dad helped you transition from player to coach?

Yes, my family and brother planned a trip to Humboldt the first week of July. They are excited to be a part of the Crabs tradition. As far as my parents go you couldn't ask for a better support cast. They knew hanging up the cleats was very difficult for me and they were there to support me all the way through it. My dad knows I’m going to make baseball a career for me, if its not playing then coaching. He loves the fact that I coach because to this today he enjoys going to ball games,

5) Matt Wilson from Pepperdine had nothing but good things to say about you, what’s your connection to him? And how did you meet Tyson Fisher?

I was fortunate enough to play with Wilson my freshmen year. After that Wilson became a grad assistant. We also roomed together my sophomore year. Wilson loves and knows the game. I learned a lot from him while he was at sac state. I actually met Tyson through Reggie Christiansen, the current Sac State baseball coach. I met Reggie through my days at Sacramento. He knows I have a passion for the game and would like to further my coaching experience. He recommended coaching for the crabs and set me up with Tyson. 

6) What MLB coach would you most like to personify?

My favorite MLB coach would have to be A's manager Bob Melvin. I love his coaching style. He lets his players play and defends them when needed. He seems to never get too excited and too down. That's exactly how I am. I try to be the same person everyday.

7) What are some of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

My biggest hobby is mountain biking. I got into it about 3 years ago and love it. I try to ride as much as possible. The more technical the trail, the better. I'm bringing up my mountain bike to Humboldt so I hope to discover some new trails.

8) Have you ever been up to Humboldt before and what is your perception about the Lost Coast as we call it?

I have never been up to Humboldt but I've only heard good things from former Crab players. I'm just looking forward to the new environment. I have a passion for coaching and I know and heard the Crabs do an amazing job with the summer program. I am excited to be apart of it all. I am one of those guys who loves spending a lot of my time at the yard so chances are you can find me there.

9) If you could have lunch with any famous baseball player, who would it be and why?

When I was younger I would have said A-Rod but that all went out the window a couple years ago. I would want to go to dinner with Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. I would love to pick his brain about the game of baseball. He also seems like a really funny guy.

10) How would you describe your style of coaching?

My style of coaching is to help the kids in any way I can. I love working with kids who love to get better. I am a real chill, laid back type of coach. That being said I think the players who play for me see and understand how much time and effort I put into the team. I think they truly respect that when it comes time to instruct or discipline them. They understand that I know how to teach the game the right way. I was blue-collar hard working player and I expect my players to be the same way.

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