Crabs Q & A
#35 Jimmy Macwilliam, left-handed pitcher
By Kylee Chandler/Special Events Coordinator

Q: Have you always been a pitcher?

A: Well in high school I played 1st base and outfield but once I got to college I started focusing just on pitching and I’ve been doing that for the last 4 years.

Q: You’re a left-handed pitcher do you think that is an advantage or disadvantage?

A: Advantage because growing up people see right-handed pitchers all the time. Left-handed pitchers usually have a lot more movement so I think it’s definitely more affective I feel to be left-handed over right.

Q: Which do you prefer pitching to right or left-handed batters?

A: Left because they are easier to get out having that advantage being left handed against a left-handed batter.

Q: Being a pitcher is a high-pressure position so how do you stay calm when you’re out on the mound?

A: Honestly try and not focus as much as I can because getting too into the game you let other things affect you. Also not thinking of every pitch while I’m pitching. Just worry about one at a time instead of letting little things affect me.

Q: What goes through your mind after you walk a batter?

A: Okay well that’s over, moving on to the next one. I’m going to work on one pitch at a time and focus on that.

Q: How did you first hear about the Crabs?

A: From my teammates at the University of Hawaii. They told me all about their summer here and how awesome it was and once I found out I got the opportunity to come play here I was all over it.

Q: How does playing for the Crabs compare to the Midwest where you played summer baseball before?

A: I love the baseball field here for sure. The crowd is so awesome here and they have the Crabs Grass Band that’s something completely different than anyone else will ever have and it’s great.

Q: What’s your major and what are your plans for after college?

A: Political science and minoring in history. After I graduate from my undergrad I’m going to go to law school and be a real estate lawyer or a sports agent.

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