Editor's note: Wally Scott, who played for the Humboldt Crabs from 1946-1948 and again in 1951, passed away last week. We have decided to reprint the following article, written by former Crabs boardmember Jim Gould, from our 2008 program in his memory…


On June 6, 1944 Wally Scott flew over bloody Normandy in his B-17 on the way to drop bombs on the Germans. He remembers looking down, seeing all those ships and wondering: “Damn, what’re all those boats doing down there?”

The Japanese, the last of the Axis Powers, surrendered 14 months later when Staff Sergeant Wally Scott of Blue Lake, California was in Clovis, New Mexico training for B-29’s. Nine months later, Wally had traded in his radio and headphones for a bat and glove; his sergeant’s stripes for a uniform with the Humboldt Crabs.

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