Crabs coaches Robin Guiver and Matt Nutter see trip as a bonding experience for players.

By Ray Hamill

The Crabs are on the road this weekend and manager Matt Nutter is hoping to use the time to his team's advantage.

"I always look at it as a bonding thing," said Nutter, whose team plays a weekend series at Redding against the Colt 45's. "It's a good thing for the players. It's always a good time."

The Crabs have traditionally played the majority of their games each summer at home, but a couple of road trips are now necessary every season because of league play. But while that means no action this weekend for local fans, it's certainly not all bad news.

"I think we get so used to being at home we can get a little complacent at times, so going on the road can help," said head coach Robin Guiver.

The road trip also gives some out-of-area fans and alumni to check out the Crabs.

"When we get there, I'm sure we'll have some family in town and I'm sure we'll have some alumni in town," said Nutter. "On these road trips it's always fun to see who turns up out of the woodwork,"

After returning from Redding, the Crabs host the Solano Mudcats at the Arcata Ballpark on Wednesday and will make their second road trip later this month when they travel to Medford to play the Riverdawgs.

With a midweek sweep over the Nor Cal Longhorns, the Crabs improved to 24-3 on the season (11-1 in conference play), although both Nutter and Guiver are expecting that impressive run to be tested at Redding.

"They're going to be fired up for us after we played them at home," said Guiver.

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