Crabs Q & A
#10 Brad Morgan
By Ray Hamill/Freelance Sports Writer

Q: Who has been the biggest influence on you as a player?
Probably my dad. Ever since I was younger he always worked with me as a player. He really pushed me and without him I wouldn't be here today.

Q: Do you have any superstitions?
Not really. Maybe the line deal – you don't step on the line – and just respecting the game. Just play hard and work hard.

Q: Who's your favorite baseball team?
The Dodgers.

Q: Who is your favorite baseball player?
I don't really have a favorite player. (Andre) Ethier's pretty good. He plays hard.

Q: If you were an animal, what would you be?
Who's the king of the jungle? A lion, yeah, I'd be a ferocious lion.

Q: How is playing for the Crabs different from playing in college?
When you're playing for the Crabs, the players are mostly better than on any other team you've been on in your life. There are a lot of players here that get drafted and if you break it down player for player, they're all probbaly the best I've ever been around.

Q: What is your favorite food?
I'm a big fan of chicken. All sorts. And milk and cookies too.

Q: What is your favorie movie?
I love "Dazed and Confused." I thought it was hilarious.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment as a Crabs player?
That's a tough one. There's been multiple. Probably last year playing against the Steelheads in front of a big home crowd.

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