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The Humboldt Crabs Baseball, Inc., is a 501(c)(4) community-owned organization. A volunteer board of directors rely on the support of community members and our SPONSORS to keep the Humboldt Crabs Baseball operation functioning.

There are many ways community members can get involved with the Crabs, just a few of which are listed below. Please email us at for more info. For a list of our SPONSORS, click here.

Sponsorship options
• Sponsor a Crabs player t-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, socks, sandals or backpack (your company’s logo on the item)
• Sponsor Crabs baseball player trading cards or the Crabs schedule poster (your company’s logo on the item)
• Sponsor Crabs soft baseballs or hats or Klean Kanteens or Koozies  (your company’s logo on the item)
• Purchase an advertisement on the Crabs radio broadcast and/or on the Crabs YouTube channel that broadcasts a live stream of all the games (See your logo featured on the live Stream!)
• Purchase outfield fence space for your company’s sign: vinyl measuring 10 wide x 4 tall feet with grommets ($1,000)
• Buy an inside the ball park sign space for your company’s sign: vinyl measuring 4 feet wide x 2 feet tall with grommets ($500)
• Partner with us on concessions or sell your food at the ballpark. Inquire about our vendor application form.
• Donate gift cards or certificates to our Crabs players, coaches and trainers to be inserted in their “Welcome to Humboldt,” bags, so when they arrive in the summer — they will go to your business first.
• Purchase an advertisement to be inserted in the annual Crabs Program book (various pricing based on size of ad)
• Sponsor foul balls for a single game ($100) or for a month ($1,000) or for any series of games (you will received PA announcements)
• Sponsor the Crabs annual program and be a part of Crabs History (your logo on the cover for $500)
• Purchase a digital ad on our website that will run for the entire summer and through the fall.

Sponsorship & donation options geared toward individuals

• Sponsor a Youth to go to Crabs Camps this summer ($50-$100) Email:
• Purchase a Box of Baseballs for the team for $100
• House a Crabs player for the summer and receive $500 a month, contact Crabs Board Member Larry Zerlang at
• Donate any baseball field equipment (catchers gear, line chalk, bags of Diamond Dry, tractors, golf carts, ice machines, beer coolers, paint, security cameras, smart TVs, solar lights, patio umbrellas, storage lockers, Junior Barns, pop up tents, pressure washer, etc)
• Donate restaurant grade equipment for our concessions stand (pizza warmers, popcorn makers, coffee carafes, ice makers, coolers, jockey boxes, or donate your cleaning services or any other service to help our concessions and beer departments run smoothly.)
• Donate high-quality coffee to our concessions stand to sell
• Donate a chalk board or sandwich board for signage
• Donate to our radio & media booth volunteers and they will plug your product on air and on our YouTube stream if they like it

… these are just a few options if your company would like to sponsor or partner with the Crabs. Just let us know what you’d like to do or just hit the DONATE button on our website. Email us at for more info.

Sponsors: Send your payment and Sponsorship Form to Humboldt Crabs Sponsorships, PO Box 4422, Arcata, CA 95518

* Find your Program Ad in past Crabs Programs viewable with AnyFlip software.

You can also purchase advertising from our media partners

Crabs on the Radio: Listen to the Crabs on KGOE 1480 AM. KGOE will stream all the Crabs games online so parents, family, friends and fans can listen at home! Sponsor the Crabs players being interviewed on North Coast Game Night, ESPN radio with host JB Mathers and Tag Wotherspoon (Monday nights) at a local restaurant or establishment. To purchase a produced radio spot or to sponsor North Coast Game Night, please contact BiCoastal Media at (707) 442-2000 or email

Crabs on TV: Sponsor Crabs Corner on KIEM, News Ch. 3. Purchase a commercial or spot on Redwood News Ch. 3 and mention, you’d like to sponsor the Crabs. Visit their website for more info: Call the advertising department at (707) 443-6666 to inquire.

How you can help Crabs Baseball …

• Donate to the Ballpark Improvement Fund
The Humboldt Crabs Baseball organization continues to look for ways to upgrade the City of Arcata’s ballpark facilities not only for the Crabs, but for all the area high school, little league and legion baseball teams that also rent the Arcata Ball Park. The Crabs along with our sponsors and partners have donated several items to the ballpark over the years such as the scoreboard, foul poles, a batting cage, The Alchemy Distillery (Boldt) water filtration system, nets, fences, cement walkways, coolers and concessions equipment, barbecues, ticket booth structure, new bleachers, PA speakers, media and radio booth equipment, etc. Some future projects you can help us with: new dugouts, a fresh coat of paint, a new facade or entrance, better lighting at the front entrance, turnstiles, fixed exit/enter signs or other signage, pressure washing and cleaning of the nets and cement walls, replacing the broken wood in the chain link fences, a new scoreboard, better PA system, etc.  If you have any ideas on how we can help to improve the City of Arcata’s Ballpark for a better fan and baseball team experience, let us know or click on our Donate button if you’d like to donate funds or materials for any of these ideas. You can also contact the City of Arcata’s Parks and Recreation Department to donate.

• Donate a box of baseballs or hire a Crab player for the summer
A large portion of the team’s expenses comes from buying baseball equipment such as uniforms, bats and baseballs. Buy a Box of Baseballs for just $100. Click on Donate. Player housing is another big expense as the Crabs secure apartments for the players for the summer. You can hire a Crabs collegiate baseball player during the summer months. Some of the players are looking for part-time work to help with college expenses. They are available for light yard work or light office work or can even work part-time for your business. Contact Crabs Board Member Larry Zerlang for Crabs Housing or Crab for Hire:

• Send a kid to Crabs Camps
The Humboldt Crabs Baseball organization runs several instructional summer camps for area youths every July. Camperships run from $50 to $100 for each child.  Our Crabs players are hired to teach the kids the basics of baseball, run drills and simulate games. The Camps help our Crabs players pay for college while gaining valuable experience teaching and instructing kids so they may become teachers or coaches in the future. Email:

• Sponsor the Crabs Alumni & Hall of Fame games in July
Did you ever play for the Crabs or do you know someone who did? The Crabs host an annual Alumni weekend every July at the ballpark where the Alumni are invited to take batting practice, Crabs Hall of Fame ceremony and a meet and greet in right field. We are always looking for a caterer, beverage donors (Ex: Gatorade, Water, Sodas, etc.), bags of ice, donated beer, donated coolers, sponsors for Alumni Gear we print up special for only Alumni (get your logo on the the gear), gift certificates for a free breakfast or lunch, free rounds of golf or other activities are Alumni can participate it together and sponsors to hang up their signs at this event. Sign up for our Crabs player Alumni e-newsletter, click here.

Become a Crabs Vendor
If you’d like to inquire how to sell your product at a Crabs baseball game, email us for a vendor application form.

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