Humboldt Crabs Baseball is building a batting cage at the Arcata Ballpark. The City of Arcata and the Crabs are partnering to build a  20' x 80' hitting practice area in left field parallel to the freeway.  After two years of planning and money saving the foundation was poured on Saturday.

Proceeds from the pre-season dinner for several years have been added to money from the City to finance the project.  A 15' x 70" enclosed “cage” with netting will house a state-of-the-art pitching machine the Crabs, Arcata High Tigers, HSU Club team and any other baseball teams playing there will use for batting practice.  The pitching machine holds 600 baseballs and pitches one ball every six seconds.

This cage will keep the Crabs current with  Division One College Standards at the Arcata Ball Park.  With the money raised and donations of labor from Ed Cook Concrete Construction and the help of the city employees it will be done prior to the season opener June 1.  The cage will change the left field “out of play” area, giving it a new modern looking dimension.  The bullpen is moved and the bleachers will be re-located.  This will give a new practice area for the team and new game viewing opportunities for the fans who support them and sit in left field.

Cook Concrete Construction, led by Ed Cook, two of his employees, Al Mullins and Cory Wilbur, have donated their labor to form and pour the concrete and the retaining wall.

The work has been shared with Arcata employees doing the excavation, the pole installation and cage erection. This effort has been led by Field Superintendent, Fred Lomeli, head carpenter Rob Johnson and employees Michael O'Dowell and Stan Shaeffer.  Parks and Recreation supervisor, Dan Diemer, has assisted in approving this project with Arcata's Engineering and the Building Department as well as approval of the components being purchased. We thank everyone who was involved for helping get the batting cage installed.

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