Matt and Jerry NutterIt is with sad regret that we have to inform our Crabs family that past president and original board member, Jerry Nutter has passed away.

Jerry, a longstanding board member who was instrumental in helping save the Crabs in 1995, will be missed and will remain in all of our hearts as we all loved him dearly. Jerry and his wife Karen & their family could always be found on the third base side to be next to his son, manager Matt Nutter and the team. Jerry's love for the Crabs was infectious. He worked tirelessly to bring the team and fans together, and came to the ballpark every day with a smile on his face and greeted everyone with a pat on the back. The Crabs can never thank you enough Mr. Nutter.

A public memorial will be held on Sunday, April 1 at 12:30 p.m. at the Arcata Community Center.

Read a statement from the Nutter family thanking fans for their support.

Read more about Jerry in this great article by the Times-Standard's Neil Tarpey.

Below is a Q&A fellow boardmember Tracy McCormack conducted with Jerry in 2010:

1) Why did you join the Crabs board of directors or who got you involved with the Crabs?

I "joined" the Crabs Board by helping to organize it back in 1995. My son, Matthew, called and asked if I could meet with former General Manager, Ned Barsuglia (who had just announced that he was retiring and planning to close up the program). After getting an OK from both Ned and Crabs founder, Lou Bonomini, a group of 12 of us met and determined to form a non-profit, organize a Board and keep the program running.

2) Is it more of a passion for baseball or a sense of community that may be the reason the Crabs have been around so long?

My sense is that it's both. We aren't comprised of "spectators" but of fans. Fans who understand and appreciate the nuances of the game. Fans who would rather see a 1-0 Crabs loss against another excellent team than a 15 – 0 ten-run-rule victory over a mediocre team.

3) What's your fondest or funniest moment from Crabs baseball?

Funniest and fondest were the same: Manager Matt being tossed out of the game and then "tossing" a bucket full of baseballs out onto the field as he departed the field.

4) Why do some of the opposing teams and families think the Crabs fans are rude? (Ex: we are super passionate about the Crabs)

By and large it isn't the teams which see our fans as rude, it's their parents and girl friends who aren't used to watching their son/boyfriend play in front of much of a crowd at all.

5) The best part about being involved with the Crabs is?

Watching families come in and listening as a dad )(or mom) explains the game of baseball to his daughter or son for the first time. It truly is a game which is learned by the "oral tradition" and it's always great to listen in to the process.

6) Who is or was your favorite Crabs player of all time?

Relief pitcher Matt Nutter.

7) What is your favorite thing to eat or drink at the ball park?

One of Charlene's wonderful burgers and a diet Pepsi (wild cherry).

8) What is the one thing you'd like people to know or understand about the Crabs board and what we do?

That the Board is here to be the "owner's representatives" and our major role is to assure the continuing future of the program.

9) What's the one thing you take pride in as far as being involved with putting the Crabs season together every year?

We've made great strides in finding increasingly good competition for the Crabs to play. In 2009, the Crabs won 14 one-run-games and lost 7 one-run-games.

10) What's your favorite quote, saying, heckle or chant that has come from watching Crabs baseball?

After an opposing manager or player wants to argue a call by an ump: "Hey number 8 – you want a little cheese with that whine?"

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