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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Grytness, Darrell Inactive
Guardino, Richard Inactive
Guiver, Robin Inactive
Gullotti, Steve Inactive
Gunderson, Eric Inactive
Gunderson, Matt Inactive
Guzman, Esteban Inactive 6 ft 5 in 230 lb Right Right
41 Guzman, Esteban Inactive RHP San Jose State University 6 ft 4 in 230 lb Right Right
Guzman, Tony Inactive
Hadley, Bunny Inactive
Hagen, Jeff Inactive
Hahn, George Inactive
Hakazz, Mike Inactive
Haley, Jack Inactive
Ham, Jamie Inactive
Ham, Mike Inactive
Hammond, Wade Inactive
Handorf, Andrew Inactive
Hanf, Jason Inactive
Hanker, Fred Inactive
Hansen, Steve Inactive
Hanson, Larry Inactive
Hanson, Travis Inactive
Harbaugh, Ryan Inactive
Hardin, Oldham, Johnny Inactive
Hare, Brendan Inactive
Hargrove, Harvey Inactive
Harkey, Mike Inactive
Harper, Sean Inactive
Harr, Berdy Inactive
Harrington, J. Inactive
Harris, Bill Inactive
Hart, Terry Inactive
Hartman, Wayne Inactive
Hass, Mike Inactive
Hatfield, Ricky Inactive
Hathaway, Shawn Inactive
Hauger, Dave Inactive
Hawley, Mitch Inactive
Hayes, Brandon Inactive 6 ft 3 in 195 lb Left Left
Haynes, Bill Inactive
Hays, Craig Inactive
Hecker, Evan Inactive
38 Heinig, Scott Inactive RHP UC Davis 6 ft 3 in 200 lb Right Right
Hemingway, Jack Inactive
Henderson, Gary Inactive
Hendrix, Ralph Inactive
Henson, Richard Inactive
Hernandez, Francis, Xavier Inactive
Hertel, Rick Inactive