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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Fuller, Ricky Inactive
Fultz, Vince Inactive
Furtado, Dan Inactive
Fuscardo, Nick Inactive
Gallanty, Joe Inactive
Gans, Randy Inactive
34 Gappa, Cody Inactive 3B Feather River CC 6 ft 4 in 210 lb Right Right
Garman, Pat Inactive
Garrett, Jim Inactive
Garrido, Augie Inactive
George, Jim Inactive
Gerber II, Joe Inactive
Ghisetti, Troy Inactive Right Right
Giacomini, Jeff Inactive 6 ft 0 in 215 lb Right Right
Giacomini, Tom Inactive
Giacone, Eric Inactive
Giacone, Nick Inactive
31 Gibbs, Blake Inactive OF Oregon State University 6 ft 2 in 220 lb Right Right
Gibney, Ben Inactive
Gillion, Bob Inactive
Gilman, Brian Inactive
Gilmore, Eric Inactive
Ginn, Gary Inactive
Giovanoli, Ed Inactive
Giuliano, Corey Inactive
Giuntini, Ugo Inactive
Glaser, J Inactive
Glissom, Bobby Inactive
Goff, Mike Inactive
Gohr, Greg Inactive
Gonsalves, Larry Inactive
Gonsalves, Larry Inactive
Gonsalves, Tony Inactive
Gordon, Dan Inactive
Gordon, Jack Inactive
Gorge, Mark Inactive
Gorman, Mike Inactive
Gower, Tim Inactive
Gradstein, David Inactive
Graham, Andy Inactive
Graham, Tom Inactive
Graham, Tyler Inactive 6 ft 5 in 240 lb Right Right
Granger, David Inactive
Graumann, Dean Inactive
Greeny, Burdette Inactive
Gregory, Grover Leroy Inactive
Gregory, Scott Inactive
Grifantini, Marco Inactive
Grow, Wes Inactive
Gruell, George Inactive