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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Burcum, Shawn Inactive
Burkeen, Ryan Inactive
Burton, Mike Inactive
Busey, Greg Inactive
Bushart, John Inactive
Buss, Scott Inactive
Byron, Wilson Inactive
Cal, Phelps Inactive
Campbell, Scott Inactive
Campo, Rick Inactive
34 Capaul, Alex Inactive RHP University of Hawaii 6 ft 2 in 210 lb Right Right
Carl, Steeve Inactive
Carley, David Inactive
Carlson, Don Inactive
Carlson, Jack Inactive
Carlson, Scott Inactive
Carnevale, Hunter Inactive 6 ft 0 in 185 lb
Carr, Adam Inactive
Carr, Adam Inactive
Carranco, Link Inactive
Carroll, Jason Inactive
Carroll, Mark Inactive
Carter , David Inactive
Carter, Don Inactive
Carter , Rich Inactive
Cary, Gregg Peter Inactive
Casey, Pat Inactive
Cassell, Chris Inactive
Cates, Richard Inactive 5 ft 1 in 180 lb
Cavalli, Bob Inactive
Cecil, Hamilton Inactive
33 Cerrudo, Kyle Inactive C Sonoma State 6 ft 2 in 230 lb Right Right
12 Chamberlain, James Inactive RHP Sacramento State University 6 ft 0 in 200 lb Right Right
Chambers, Bill Inactive
Charlie, Dexter Inactive
Chase, Rich Inactive
Cheatham, Larry Inactive
Chiamparino, Scott Inactive
Chiarucci, Mark Inactive
Chris, Waha Inactive RHP New Mexico Highlands University 6 ft 3 in 215 lb Right Right
Christiansen, Reggie Inactive
Chung, Derrick Inactive 5 ft 1 in 175 lb Right Right
Ciznich, Nick Inactive
Claude, Gray Inactive
Clayton, Doug Inactive
9 Clear, Adam Inactive SS University of San Francisco 6 ft 0 in 190 lb Right Right
Clegg, Dick Inactive
Clements, Patrick Brian Inactive
Click, Craig Inactive
Cochran, Greg Inactive