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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Bloomberg, Garth Inactive
Bochte, Bruce Inactive
Boehner, Burch Inactive
Bohnet, Bob Inactive
Bongard, Randy Inactive
Bonomini, Bob Inactive
Bonomini, David Inactive
Bonomini, Fred Inactive
Bonomini, Jim Inactive
Bonomini, Ken Inactive
Bonomini, Lou Inactive
Booker, Roderick S. Inactive
Bordi, Richard A. Inactive
Borellis, Mel Inactive
Borges, Terry Inactive
Borghino, Jeff Inactive
Bosetti, Marty Inactive
Boucher, Kevin Inactive
Bovee, Rod Inactive
Bowman , Ed Inactive
Box, Bob Inactive
Box, Lonnie Inactive Right Right
Box, Monte Inactive
Box, Monty Inactive
Brackenridge, Lyle Inactive
Brakebill, Brent Inactive
Branchetti, Bob Inactive
Brasher, Inactive
Brauning , Jeff Inactive
Brenzel, Gary Inactive
Breshears, Scott Inactive
Brian, David Inactive
Brill, Clint Inactive
Brisack, Allan Inactive
Brown, Eric Inactive
Brown, Matt Inactive
Brown, Ray Inactive
Brown, Reed Inactive 6 ft 5 in 210 lb
Brown, Rick Inactive
Brown, Ron Inactive
Brust, Ryan Inactive
Bruyninckx, Nolan Inactive
Bryson, Rahier Inactive 6 ft 1 in 200 lb
Buckley, Brian Inactive
Buda, Frank Inactive
Buda, Frank Inactive
Buffington, Verle Inactive
Buggs, Michael Inactive
Bulich, Ryan Inactive
Bundy, Ryan Inactive