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Player database

Name Field Position School Player Grade Height Weight Bats Throws
Hare, Brendan C, IF Gonzaga University
Hargrove, Harvey OF Sacramento State University
Harkey, Mike P Fullerton State, Cubs
Harper, Sean Coach Del Norte High
Harr, Berdy Coach Cal Poly SLO
Harris, Bill P Santa Clara
Hart, Terry OF Fullerton Junior College, Humboldt State University
Hass, Mike OF University of Nevada
Hassey, RJ C California State University Chico JR 6' 202 R R
Hatch, Justin RHP COR Fr. 6'4 210 R R
Hawley, Mitch P University of California
Hayes, Brandon 1B Oregon State University So. 75 195 L L
Hays, Craig P Oregon State
Hecker, Evan OF Washington State
Hedstrom, Gavin Fresno State University
Heinig, Scott RHP UC Davis Sr. 75 200 R R
Henderson, Gary P San Diego State
Hendrickson, Cullen IF Seattle University RS Jr. 69 185 R L
Hendrix, Jeffrey OF Oregon State University Fr. 72 190 R L
Hendrix, Ralph IF Humboldt State University
Hennessy, Brandon RHP San Jose State University
Henry, Kirk P Cerritos Junior College
Henson, Richard P Sacramento State University
Hernandez, Francis Xavier P SW Louisiana University
Hernandez, Matthew RHP San Francisco State University JR 6' 175 R R
Herr, Aaron RHP Sierra College SO 6' 4" 225 R R
Hertel, Rick IF USC
Heylman, Scott IF University of California Davis Jr. 70 185 R R
Hickman, Sean P Pan Amer, Univ.
Hicks, Murray IF Arizona State
Higley, Justin OF Sacramento State University FR 75 200 L R
Hill, Dennis University of the Pacific
Hill, Matt P Edgewood College
Hinrichs, Kyle OF Washingtong State University
Hodges, Chad RHP South Dakota State University SO. 75 225 R R
Hodgson, Bob C College of the Redwoods 72 195 R R
Holbrooks, Quintin P College of the Redwoods
Holleran, Garret RHP Central Arizona College; Wright State University
Hollister, Jim P, IF University of Oregon
Holmstedt, Vic P Humboldt State University
Holtman, John P Cal State Univerisity San Marcos So. 77 225 R R
Hom, Nick C, 2B, 3B Fresno State University So. 72 180 R R
Hooker, Kevin P Oregon State
Hooper, Jeff C Washington State
Horak, Mark P Loyola
Hormel, Scott IF Lewis & Clark
Houser, Dillon LHP San Francisco State RS So. 6'3 225 L L
Hovely, Steve OF Stanford, Royals
Huff, Phil IF Humboldt State University
Hughes, William "Bo" Coach Fullerton State