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Player database

Name Field Position School Player Grade Height Weight Bats Throws
Fobbs, Larry IF USC
Folster, Mike IF BYU
Foreman, Toby P St. Mary's College
Foster , Mike P Humboldt State University
Fowler, David OF Cal Poly SLO
Foxman, Eric P Cal State Northridge
Franklin, Corky IF Washington State
Freeberag, Bruce P Cal Poly SLO
Friend, Matt P U. C.
Frisella, Dan P Washington State, Mets
Frye, Frank IF Univeristy of Minnesota
Fuller, Aaron OF U.C.
Fuller, Ricky IF Sierra College
Fultz, Vince P Santa Clara University
Furtado, Dan IF College of the Redwoods
Fuscardo, Nick Coach Fullerton Junior College
Gale, Tommy OF San Jose State University Jr. 74 175 R R
Gallanty, Joe P Bellevue University
Gans, Randy OF College of the Redwoods
Gappa, Cody 3B Feather River CC FR 76 210 R R
Garman, Pat IF College of the Sequoias Junior College
Garrett, Jim C Fresno State
Garrison, Taylor RHP Fresno State University FR 71 165 R R
George, Jim P USC
Gerber II, Joe OF Fresno State University
Ghisetti, Troy IF College of the Redwoods R R
Giacomini, Jeff C, 1B Bellevue University; Sacramento State University Sr. 6 215 R R
Giacone, Eric P College of the Redwoods, Chico State
Giacone, Nick IF, OF New Mexico Highlands University
Gibbs, Blake OF Chico State University Jr 73 215 R R
Gibney, Ben Coach College of the Redwoods
Gillespie, Brent IF Youngstown State Jr. 6'2 205 L R
Gillion, Bob P UC
Gilman, Brian IF Sacramento State University
Gilmore, Eric P University of Oregon
Ginn, Gary IF Indiana University, Mets
Giovanoli, Ed IF Santa Clara University
Giuliano, Corey P Chapman College
Glaser, J P Washington State
Glissom, Bobby P Chapman College
Goff, Mike P Fresno State
Gohr, Greg P Santa Clara University
Goldenberg, Joe OF University of Hawaii Jr 75 215 R R
Gomez, Jacob RHP Sierra College SO 6' 200 R R
Gonsalves, Larry C Hawaii University
Goodrich, Trent IF South Mountain Community College So. 6'2 185 R R
Gorden, Dan P University of Portland, Bluejays
Gorge, Mark IF Butte Junior College, Sacramento State
Gorman, Mike P Oregon State
Gower, Tim P Gonzaga University