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Player database

Name Field Position School Player Grade Height Weight Bats Throws
Casey, Pat OF Portland State
Cassell, Chris OF Feather River CC
Cates, Richard Northridge State University Jr. 71 180 R/L
Cavalli, Bob IF San Francisco State
Cecil, Ansel OF COR Fr. 5'11 170 R R
Cederquist, Clay IF Sacramento State Sr. 75 190 L L
Cerrillo, Mason OF Washington State University FR 5' 10" 175 L L
Cerrudo, Kyle C Sonoma State JR 74 230 R R
Chamberlin, James RHP Sacramento State University Senior 72 200 R R
Chase, Connor LHP Fresno State University 77 220 R L
Chase, Rich IF Oregon
Cheatham, Larry P College of the Redwoods
Chiamparino, Scott P Santa Clara University
Chiarucci, Mark P St. Mary's College
Chick, Connor RHP Mendocino Junior College So 75 205 R R
Christiansen, Reggie IF. Coach College of the Redwoods, Menlo College
Clark, Noel P University of Portland
Clear, Adam 3B, SS University of San Francisco Jr. 72 190 R R
Clements, Patrick Brian P UCLA
Coats, Jacob LHP University of Washington Jr. 75 200 R L
Cochran, Greg P Arizona State
Cohan, Olin P, IF St. Mary's College
Colburn, Tom C, OF UC
Cole, Victor P Santa Clara University
Collins, John P Oregon State
Colson, Todd P Briar-Cliff, Iowa
Conover, John P Humboldt State University, Indians
Cook, Kevin OF Chapman College
Cortese, Thomas RHP St. Mary's Jr. 70 220 R R
Costa, John OF, IF American Junior College
Cox, Jon IF College of the Siskiyou's
Craig, Andy P UC Davis
Crane, Rich P Fresno State
Crawford, George OF Oregon State
Crawford, Kyle LHP University of Pacific SO 70 175 R L
Crisafulli, Mike IF Santa Clara University
Crockett, Josh P Kansas State University Jr. 72 185 R R
Crosby, Alex IF Sonoma State University Jr. 6'1 220 L R
Crosby , Ken P BYU
Crossan , Tim OF College of the Redwoods
Cruickshank, Bill IF Washington State
Cuckovich, Steve P Sacramento State University
Cummings, Ron Dean OF Citrus Junior College
Cunningham, Mark coach College of the Redwoods, Expos KC
Cusack, Shawn OF Washington State
Cutler, Mike P Utah University
Czarnetzki, Mike OF East Washington University
Danelson, Dan P Lewis & Clark
Danley, Kevin OR Kerwin OF San Diego State
Darrah, Jesse P Sacramento State University FR 74 195 L R