Player database

Name Field Position School Player Grade Height Weight Bats Throws
Borges, Terry OF Humboldt State University
Borghino, Jeff P Sacramento State University
Bosetti, Marty IF College of the Siskiyou's
Boucher, Kevin P West Valley Community College
Bovee, Rod P UOP / UC
Bowker, Abney IF UC
Bowman , Ed IF U.S.C. / Orioles
Box, Bob P. Coach College of the Redwoods, Braves
Box, Lonnie P College of the Redwoods R R
Bozett, Beau OF Gonzaga University RS Jr. 6' 195 R R
Brackenridge, Lyle OF Pasad. Junior College, UC
Bradshaw, Drew LHP San Jose State University Sr 72 230 R L
Brakebill, Brent C UCLA
Branchetti, Bob IF Loyola
Brauning , Jeff IF Oregon State, Fresno
Breshears, Scott IF Fresno State
Bressoud, Luis C Mendocino Fr. 6' 190 R R
Brian, David IF Fullerton State
Brill, Clint C Humboldt State University
Brisack, Allan C, Coach Marian College, Wisconsin
Brown, Chris LHP UC Davis JR 5'10 170 L L
Brown, Eric OF Bellevue University
Brown, Matt C San Jose State University
Brown, Ray IF Sacramento State University
Brown, Reed Oregon State University Jr. 76 210
Brown, Rick OF Univerisity of California
Brown, Ron Coach Chapman College, Angels
Brunner, Cooper OF Oregon State Fr. 6'1" 195 L L
Brust, Ryan P Santa Clara University
Bruyninckx, Nolan P Cal State Fullerton
Buckley, Brian P UC Davis
Buda, Frank OF Humboldt State University
Buggs, Michael OF UC
Bulich, Ryan P Santa Clara University
Bundy, Ryan C University of Washington
Bunting, Chad C, OF UC Berkeley Sr. 72 190 R R
Burkeen, Ryan C Portland State
Burks, Jeremiah IF, OF Fresno State University SO 6' 2" 195 R R
Burschinger, Andy RHP Chico State Jr. 6'2" 205 R R
Burton, Mike IF Fresno State
Busch, Logan OF North Dakota State University SO 6' 195 L L
Busey, Greg C College of the Redwoods
Bushart, John P Cal State Northridge
Buss, Scott OF Fresno State
Butler, Davonte RHP CSU Bakersfield So. 6'0" 160 R R
Buzza, Eric Cal State University Los Angeles
Bynum, Brian RHP CSU East Bayx Jr. 5'11 190 R R
Cahill, Zach C Shasta JC So. 5-11 185 R R
Cahill, Zach C Shasta JC So. 5-11 185 R R
Calderhead, Kevin RHP Washington State University FR 5' 11" 170 R R