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Player database

Name Field Position School Player Grade Height Weight Bats Throws
Adams, Dave IF U.N.C. Greensboro
Afenir, Ty IF University of Washington Jr 73 175 R R
Aguiar, Alex OF UC Davis JR 6' 190 R R
Ahrens, Mark San Jose, CC
Akmon, Chris OF St. Mary's Fr 75 200 R R
Alarid, David U.C.L.A.
Alexander, Jason RHP Menlo College JR 6' 2" 195 R R
Allen, Mark P Oregon State University
Allen, Matt OF University of Portland
Almadova, Breland OF, 1st, P University of Hawaii FR. 73 190 R/L L
Altman, Jack OF, Coach Fresno State University
Alvis, Andy OF Washington State
Amaya, Eli IF Chapman College
Ambrow, George IF U.S.C.
Ames, Ken Asst. Coac Braves
Ampi, AJ P Santa Clara
Anderson, Aaron IF Oregon State University
Anderson, Scott P Oregon State University
Andrews, Bobby OF Fullerton State
Anicich, Mike IF Arizona State
Antoon, Jeff C UCSB
Apo, Robby P South Dakota State University
Arenstein, Daryl IF USC
Austin, Joey OF College of San Mateo FR 72 185 L R
Austin, John LHP San Jose State University Jr. 70 185 L L
Austin, Taylor P Cal State Northridge SO 75 180 L L
Axelrod, Tyler P Sacramento State University JR 75 200
Ayala, Keith OF, IF HSU
Ayala, Maury P HSU, Oakland PCL
Ayala, Mickey IF College of the Redwoods
Ayers, Andrew IF Sacramento State University Freshman 71 185 R R
Ayers, Jeremy OF College of the Redwoods
Baarts, Erik P Shasta College
Bachelier, Marcel OF Arizona State
Baeder, Jon C Washington State
Bafus, Curtis RHP Washington State University SO 6' 6" 245 R R
Bair, David P Fresno State University
Bair, Donnie P Louisiana Lafayette
Bakke, Randy OF College of the Redwoods
Ball, Mike IF U.S.C.
Banducci, Brandon C East Oregon, College of the Redwoods
Barbara, Don C University of San Francisco
Barber, Willie P Fullerton State
Barcilli, Julian IF Sacramento State So 71 180 R R
Barnes, Craig OF USC, Giants
Barnes, Lute IF Oregon State University, Mets
Barnes, Ryan UTL Oregon State University FR 72 185 R R
Baron, Sean IF UC San Diego
Barragan, James P California State Bakersfield Fr 72 205 R R
Barranco, Vince OF Gonzaga University