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Player database

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# Name Status Pos School Height Weight Bats Throws
Clear, Adam Inactive
6 ft 0 in 190 lb Right Right
Aaberg, Bob Inactive
Abney, Bowker Inactive
Adams, Dave Inactive
Ahrens, Mark Inactive
Al, Calteau Inactive
Al, Deniz Inactive
Al, Gray Inactive
Al, Snarski Inactive
Al, Sukett Inactive
Alarid, David Inactive
Alex, Capaul Inactive 6 ft 2 in 210 lb Right Right
Allen, Mark Inactive
Allen, Matt Inactive
Allen, Reynolds Inactive
Allen, Schrader Inactive
Allord, Bob Inactive
18 Almadova, Breland Inactive OF University of Hawaii 6 ft 1 in 190 lb Right Left
Altman, Jack Inactive
Alva, Kenny Inactive
Alvin, Kinney Inactive
Alvis, Andy Inactive
Amaya, Eli Inactive
Ambrow, George Inactive
Ames, Ken Inactive
Ampi, AJ Inactive
Anderson, Aaron Inactive
Anderson, Don Inactive
Anderson, Scott Inactive
Andrews, Bobby Inactive
Anicich, Mike Inactive
Annesley, Caleb Inactive 6 ft 1 in 200 lb Right Right
Antone, Pelascini Inactive
Antoon, Jeff Inactive
Apo, Robby Inactive
Arenstein, Daryl Inactive
Atkinson, Inactive
Augie, Gurrido Inactive
11 Austin, John Inactive LHP San Jose State University 5 ft 10 in 185 lb Left Left
Austin, Taylor Inactive 6 ft 4 in 180 lb
Ayala, Keith Inactive
24 Ayers, Andrew Inactive IF Sacramento State University 5 ft 11 in 185 lb Right Right
Ayers, Jeremy Inactive
B, Charles Nieson Inactive
Baarts, Erik Inactive
Baas, Josh Inactive
Bachelier, Marcel Inactive
Baeder, Jon Inactive
Bailey, Inactive
Bair, David Inactive